Why You Should Get a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Bad Accident

Why You Should Get a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Bad Accident

Being in a serious accident that causes you to suffer injuries or damages will put you off-balance, to say the least of it. After the initial chaos and confusion of your accident subsides, you will probably be wondering who can help you now. Specifically, you might be asking yourself, “Do I really need to get a personal injury lawyer to help me manage my claim?”

For any accident that causes serious injuries and/or significant property damage, you will be better off with the help of a personal injury attorney. The person who caused your accident will not want to pay you anything for your damages, and they will have a legal representative there to back them up. Without a lawyer of your own, you will be at an immediate disadvantage.

Four key benefits you get when you hire a personal injury lawyer are:

  1. A friend that is not an insurance company: When you see a commercial for an insurance company, it is nearly guaranteed they will present themselves as a fun, friendly company that just wants the best for you. The truth is insurance companies are businesses that need to make a profit like any other. By minimizing your damages and compensation, sometimes right down to $0, insurance companies protect their bottom line. An attorney, on the other hand, only wins if you win, so you can trust them to actually act in your best interests.
  2. Calculating fair damages: Speaking of insurance companies looking out for themselves first and foremost, a common tactic to try to save money is offering lowball settlement amounts shortly after an accident. You will probably be tempted to accept a minimal amount of compensation because you know it is better than nothing, but this is exactly what insurance companies want you to do. A personal injury lawyer can help calculate an actually-fair amount of damages so you can see if the settlement offer you have been given is anywhere close to what you deserve.
  3. Legal insight and knowledge: You never know when a personal injury claim will get complicated by some gray area of liability law or another such complexity. With a personal injury lawyer on your side, you never have to worry about legal intricacies because you have someone there who knows the ins and outs of the law. The knowledge they possess becomes your own and your advantage.
  4. Rest and recuperation: Perhaps most importantly, having a personal injury attorney working on your claim means you do not need to work on it. Instead, you can do what you should be doing, which is resting as much as possible.

At Rod Smith Law PLLC, our personal injury attorneys are all about doing everything possible to help our clients feel more comfortable and confident as their personal injury claim progresses. We’ll take all the legal legwork and lifting in pursuit of maximized compensation on your behalf, while you focus on other things, like recuperation and relaxation. Call our Charleston law firm at (304) 406-7076 to arrange a no-cost consultation today.