Legal Issues with Anonymous Sexual Harassment Claims

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The popularity of the #MeToo movement has allowed numerous individuals to come forward and report serious sexual misconduct in their workplaces. These outings have garnered substantial public attention, especially in cases involving major corporations and prominent public figures.

While this is great news for victims of sexual harassment, filing a lawsuit still means a person puts their privacy at risk. They also face the possibility of public humiliation and retaliation from their abuser. Although it is possible to file a sexual harassment lawsuit anonymously, your privacy is not necessarily guaranteed.

If you accuse a person of sexual harassment, they have the right to confront you in court, which is why anonymity in employment lawsuits is rare. If you want to file the lawsuit anonymously, you will have to show the court that exceptional circumstances require you to use a pseudonym. The decision to grant anonymity is ultimately up to the judge’s discretion. Most judges want to maintain transparency in court cases, which is why courts will often rule against these types of requests in cases involving rape, explicit photos, and personal information.

Despite this, the number of anonymous sexual harassment lawsuits filed in 2018 doubled from previous years. However, many companies have been able to successfully argue that sexual harassment victims pose a threat to their reputation, which is why you should consult with a lawyer if you want to file a lawsuit against your employer.

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