Wrongful Termination Damages

Wrongful Termination Damages

Wrongful termination claims occur when your employer fires you for an illegal reason or forces you to quit for an unlawful reason. Although West Virginia is an “at-will” state, “at-will” does not apply when your employer fires you or forces you to quit for an illegal reason. If your employer fired you for a discriminatory reason or retaliated against you for reporting protected workplace violations, you may be able to take action against your employer and file a lawsuit for wrongful termination.

The following are the types of damages that may be available in wrongful termination cases:

  • Back Pay
  • Front Pay
  • Court Costs & Attorneys' Fees: At Rod Smith Law PLLC, we only get paid unless you recover from a lawsuit or settlement.
  • Damages for Mental Anguish
  • Damages for Inconvenience
  • Damages for Embarrassment
  • Damages for Loss of Dignity
  • Damages for Aggravation
  • Punitive Damages

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