Are Employees Protected from Workers’ Compensation Retaliation?

Are Employees Protected from Workers’ Compensation Retaliation?

West Virginia workers who are injured on the job and file compensation claims are afforded certain protections under West Virginia law. It is illegal to harass, fire, demote, suspend, or take adverse actions against an employee for filing or attempting to file a workers’ compensation claim. It is very important to know that you do not have to receive temporary total disability benefits (TTD) in order to be protected under West Virginia Workers’ Compensation Law.

At Rod Smith Law PLLC, we have successfully handled workers’ compensation, discrimination, and retaliation claims.

These claims have come to us from industries such as the following and more:

  • Coal Mining
  • Restaurant
  • Retail
  • Box Stores
  • Construction
  • Oil and Gas
  • Excavating
  • Paving

We know how important it is for coal mines to avoid lost time accidents. We know that employers give bonuses and incentives for an injury-free workforce. We also know the negative pressure employers apply on injured workers who file workers’ compensation claims.

If your employer has subjected you to negative treatment in any form after you suffered a workplace injury, contact Rod Smith Law PLLC for a free evaluation. You may be entitled backpay, front pay, emotional distress damages, and punitive damages against your employer for engaging in workers’ compensation retaliation or discrimination.

At Rod Smith Law PLLC, our goal is keeping a workplace free of retaliation or discrimination when a worker files a workers’ compensation claim. You have rights and it’s our job to enforce them to achieve this goal.

For more information about working with one of our workers’ compensation attorneys at Rod Smith Law PLLC, contact us online or call (304) 406-7076.

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