Who Do I Turn to for a Sexual Harassment Claim?

Who Do I Turn to for a Sexual Harassment Claim?

If you’ve experienced sexual harassment at work, it may be difficult and possibly painful to come forward with your claim. You may not be sure if you should talk to a supervisor, human resources, or an attorney. The simple truth is that sexual harassment is wrong and you deserve a workplace free of sexual harassment and hostility.

Remember, sexual harassment at work can include any of the following and more:

  • Unwanted touching anywhere on one’s body, including sexual assault
  • Requests for dates or sexual favors
  • Staring or leering
  • Making inappropriate comments about one’s body or appearance
  • Telling vulgar or explicit jokes involving sex acts

Your Supervisor

If you are being sexually harassed by a co-worker, we encourage you to contact your supervisor or human resources immediately. However, if your supervisor is harassing you, we recognize the difficult spot that you may be in. In this instance, we recommend that you contact an attorney to discuss your options.

All West Virginia employers must provide a workplace free of sexual harassment. Most employers have policies and procedures in place that forbid sexual harassment. However, having a sexual harassment policy and enforcing a sexual harassment policy are different. At Rod Smith Law PLLC, we commonly see employers fail to enforce their sexual harassment policies. What good are policies if not enforced?

An Attorney

Reaching out to a lawyer who handles sexual harassment claims can help you in your situation. Discussing your situation with an attorney may help alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that you may be feeling.

Bringing a sexual harassment lawsuit forward may also be a more effective course of action if those at work who hurt you are your supervisor or another high-level employee. If you feel reporting sexual harassment to human resources or another manager would lead to no change or worsen the abuse, contacting a lawyer can also help you navigate relevant legal matters such as retaliation and hostile work environment.

How Rod Smith Law PLLC Helps Sexual Harassment Claimants

If you’re experiencing or have endured sexual harassment at work, reaching out to the attorneys at Rod Smith Law PLLC for assistance can help. Potential clients who take advantage of our free consultations have the opportunity to tell us what they are going through.

Working with us means that you’ll work with passionate lawyers who will fight to get you the most out of a settlement or during a trial, should your case become one of the very few that actually end up in the courtroom.

Reach out to our aggressive legal team online or call Rod Smith Law PLLC at (304) 406-7076 today to schedule your free consultation.

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